Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour, part deux (I mean party deux)

I promised to finish pictures of the first floor, and while I am willing to partially keep my promise, the camping room, aka the Master Bedroom, isn't looking too good yet. Bed is made, though the sheets are not ironed (sorry Mom), and it is just a bunch of random pillows that somehow ended up in there and our down comforter with no cover. However, I did find the prettiest bedding at French Laundry at the Atlanta Market several weeks ago and it should be here soon. I think I will show my bedroom once that arrives, because it is so pretty! Also, it will give me time to iron my sheets (if my mom visits) :-).

It is Thursday though, and Nick does have major presentations going on at work this week, and it is the first weekend in a while where we don't have major commitments like moving or something, so it seems like a good time for a party! Whoo hoo, just the 5 of us (well 6, including Lanie), but that will be so nice. Having the house to ourselves, and getting this party started. Friday night will be the first time to test out the bultler's pantry where the party fixins' live.

Here is how we set it up....

This is it --- a wide hallway connecting the kitchen and dining room. It is next to the piano room and porch doors, so it should be convenient to all areas, while keeping people out of the kitchen. I am hoping during parties or big holiday gatherings to use the big counter for a buffet set-up. The glass in the cabinets is this cool antique wavy, bubbly, seedy glass. It is subtle and doesn't show up well in pics, but I like it.

On the left hand side, there is a wine fridge and then beverage drawers for beer, champagne, mixers, whatever suits your fancy. The top one is a fridge, bottom is a freezer and ice-maker. Then in the center bottom are pull-out drawers for the liquor bottles. My cabinet guy definitely thought I was crazy when I brought in my measurements of Grey Goose, but that was the tallest of the bottles and I wanted to be sure it would fit! I was so pleased on moving day when I went to unpack these boxes and the bottles all fit, perfectly, even Grey Goose! The small victories are the best! The shorter bottles fit in the next two drawers over. The kids like the copper sink best for making water balloons. Grrr. They might not be invited to the party now that I think about it. I think they need to be introduced to the hose....outside.

Isn't that divider design cool... it moves in any direction to keep your beer bottles from clanking around.

On the opposite side of the room are the stairs to the second floor. The light up there makes very cool shadows.

Guess I'd better hit the store for some mixers and limes. We don't want the goose to be lonesome in his big tall drawer.....

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