Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can we seriously be leaving..... already?

It has taken months and months to get settled since our move in July / August. We have loved every minute of this place! We've hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, several football parties, a Super Bowl Party, 11 year old sleepover birthdays, and book clubs. We have really enjoyed having all of our special spaces --- the beer fridges, the basement bar area, the playroom for the kids, the breakfast area, and all of the fun little details we designed. They have all been awesome! This house has officially been put to the test and we are so happy with the result! But.... (why does there ALWAYS have to be a "but?")

Just as we were really "done" with projects and organizing and finding homes for everything, it looks like it will be time to pack it up again and move. As we have always suspected might happen, Atlanta has officially called (in the form of a promotion), and this time, it is time to answer. On a day like today, it seems hard to leave. We played outside, rode bikes around the horse farms, worked in the yard (an endless project) and just hung around the house. It was awesome!

Ryan walked along with me the entire time I was seeding the yard (and he was too) and we "talked." After again asking me if we could just put this house on wheels and take it to Atlanta, he put his arm around me and said, "I'm just going to really cry when we have to leave this place, after all the work we've put into it." Of course, that about made me cry, and he is right, he did put lots of work into it! He was the kid out planting the blueberry bushes and the roses, and all of the daffodil bulbs. He trims the roses, and we've started planting some seeds inside to make our vegetable garden soon. He checks on the camellias and is interested in the pear tree. He shows every person that comes over the geode we had the stone mason put in the stone work. He shows off the stones that have fossils in them. He was quiet for a minute and then he told me, "You know what Mom, when I grow up, I'll just save all my money to buy this house, and then we can have it again!" What a kid! Nany was right, he will miss it here! Not even so much his buddies, but just hanging around here, checking on all of his projects, he is really proud of all of them!

The Realtors have visited and looks like the dreaded "For Sale" sign will be in the yard next week or so. I am really really not looking forward to keeping the house spotless for showings. I was so ready to just enjoy the spring, and watch the flowers and plants bloom. The Atlanta area will be nice too I'm sure.... Maybe we'll have lots more projects to post about.....

Looking forward to watching the leaves emerge --- it all still looks pretty dreary!

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  1. Oh, Rachel!

    What a sad post! Your house is so beautiful and in such an idyllic setting. Have no fear, though! You will love living in Atlanta and you will find another wonderful house here. I look forward to have you as my neighbor (or at least close enough to meet up for coffee).